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Our Capabilities

  • Electrical Repair Services

    Electrical Repair Services

    Circuit Breakers, Sockets, Lights, Electrical Wiring

  • Plumbing and Water Repair

    Plumbing and Water Repair

    Pipes, Toilets, Plumbing, Tubs

  • Industrial and Commercial Repair

    Industrial and Commercial Repair

    Industrial Factories, Commercial Facilities Repair

  • Construction and Home Repair

    Construction and Home Repair

    New Walls, New Doors, New Roof, New Windows

  • Heating and Cooling

    Heating and Cooling

    Commercial and Residential Heating Oil and Gas Repair

  • Water Purification Installation

    Water Purification Installation

    Residential and Commercial Water Purification Systems Installation

About Us

Our specialty is small to large repairs that can take anywhere from one hour to three days. We offer a wide range of residential (home) and commercial repair services. Our staff is highly educated and very diverse on topics from: masonry, construction, plumbing, electrical and even water treatment. We can perform nearly any task that you might need. If from some reason we can not, we will connect you with someone who can!